Urgent Update

This wiblog is at pains to point out that its expression of interest in the Library Hotel is due to its eccentric categorisation of rooms according to the Dewey Decimal system, and IN NO WAY due to the ‘Erotica Package’ flagged rather prominently from the front page of its website. Thank you. You may now resume your previous activities.

3 thoughts on “Urgent Update

  1. If you have $179 (107.39 pounds) per night to spend on a hotel, please do consider sending me $99 (59.39 pounds) for a Wacom Graphire graphics tablet. (I ask, humbly, for the one at the bottom end of the top-of-the-line brand.) Thank you.

  2. So the Library Hotel ($179 per night) was just a wish, then? Ah. Well, whenever I hear of a lot of money talked of (and to me $179 is a lot) I throw in my request for a Wacom. You never know.

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