Defying classification

Some people, if they’re feeling ordered, distracted or, well, anal, sort their books and record collections. Most do it in some sort of alphabetical order. A few do it by genre.

Being me though, at the age of eleven I decided to take everything to its logical screaming extreme and sort every single book I had according to the Dewey Decimal system. Yes, during my late pre-adolescence my shelves were ordered like a library. Literally. I still have my copy of Mr. Messy with a sticker on it saying “811.2”. (Goodness knows why, because that’s a code for ‘poetry’. Never let an eleven-year-old catalogue your books).

In my partial defence, I’m not the only one to push the classification system way beyond any sensible stopping point. Though if I ever stay the night in a New York hotel, I know which one I’d go for.

Oh, and since you’re probably curious, our CD collection is now arranged alphabetically by artist, from ACR to Zenopede. Which says a lot, all things considered.

4 thoughts on “Defying classification

  1. Brilliant.

    I’m not going to enter into discussion about whether ‘ACR’ comes before ‘Abba’ as I’m sure it’s something to do with the fact it’s an Acronym or something. It may be that you have no Abba of course.

  2. It really doesn’t say that much about our CD collection – except that we don’t own any Abba, or ZZ Top. Rhys – are you aware of the link on the front page of the hotel you linked to the ‘Erotica Package’? (I thought your wife should be the one to point this out)

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