Those embarrassing early works

It comes to something when you offer to post on your blog something you wrote over 22 years ago, but I’m afraid that’s what I’m about to do. It’s not that I’m bereft of ideas, honest now, really; it’s just that I found some homework books from 1984 when I was at my mum’s over the weekend. Reading them now gives me much the same feeling that I expect to get reading this in 2030 – torrents of mediocrity interspersed by occasional gems of averageness.

Still, which would you rather have first? I’m afraid there’s no ‘reopen nominations’ button, and I will log your IP address if you click ‘Vote’, but with all that in mind…

Go on then:

Life in 2020, which is vastly more prescient than you’d expect
The School Trip (based on fact), an astounding piece of doggerel

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