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Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three (four, five, six…)

1. You can now send emails to your future self. A fantastic idea, and all very Calvin and Hobbes. Must ask the fifteen-years-on Rhys where his personal jet pack is.

2. BBC2 will be 40 next Tuesday, and to celebrate, the BFI are putting on a special season of events. No question about the highlight: a Play School reunion on May 15th. With all the usual suspects present and correct, and a mass singalong of the Play Away theme all but a certainty, I’m pretty gutted I can’t make it to London then. Guess I’ll just have to carry on growing my Fred Harris-like hair.

3. Speaking of BBC2, here’s the definition of irony: you can now pre-order The Day Today DVD from… er… the Tory Party. I suspect they’ve not seen the Michael Portillo references in it… oh, hang on, yes they probably have. Backburner recommends you get the DVD via ushopugive instead, of course.

4. True, it does smell of a spoof that might have featured in The Day Today, but the ‘eglu’ seems genuine. This answer to the timeless question of ‘but just where do the hens go?’ comes from Omlet, whose mission seems to be to provide chicken coops for the Imac generation. The fact that such a company exists in the first place makes me far too happy.

5. One for Wood: Knightmare is being brought back. No, really, thanks to a lottery grant and the latest in virtual reality. I know far too many people who’ll be glued to their screens if this comes on again.

6. Almost as old news as the Knightmare story, but massively welcome: MySociety got funding. This ad-hoc group includes some of the people behind and the Wibsite front-paged Public Whip, and their projects for the future are even more adventurous. Want a site to make it even simpler to give something away to charity? Or want to make sure that your joint efforts go that little bit further to helping a cause? Hold tight then; the UK internet is about to become a very exciting place.

7. And last, but by no means least, BBC7, bless ’em, are repeating the ‘much-requested’ Elastic Planet, starting tonight just before midnight. Now at last I can find out the hidden truth about the Ballagon.

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