And on St. Patrick’s Day, the man who popularised the phrase Lord of the Dance, and who got scant credit from Mr Flatley for doing so, has his obituary printed in the Guardian. I think the iconoclast in Sydney Carter would have appreciated the irony.

More reminiscences and tributes, found around the web (and some by Lemly):

  • This thread on Mudcat.

  • A mention of ABC Television’s Hallelujah!, also seen in the Telegraph obituary (entry below).
    Hallelujah! is a folk revival dream ticket, which oddly, appears nowhere on this otherwise excellent site on the UK’s ABC – only a matter of time before it does, I’m sure.

  • A thread from The key passage here has to do with Carter’s thoughts on She Moves Through the Fair. He was right, you know.
  • And if you ever doubted Sydney Carter’s popularity, go to the Top 25 list at the website of CCLI, who collate the copyright forms returned by schools and churches. Then try and find a time, in the recent past of UK schools, when Sydney Carter’s songs weren’t highly, highly popular.

He’ll be greatly missed.

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