‘Course, the really exciting awards come later

A few hours to go till every blogger in the UK will seem to put fingers to keyboard and start fêting the five winners of this year’s Guardian British Blog Awards (to be revealed, I would think, here after about 01:00 GMT). That reminds me to pass on a request seen on the weblog of former European Blogger of the Year, Tom Coates. He asks ‘How many weblogs are there in the UK?’ It’s a good question, that raises all sorts of issues in itself: how much of a gap is there in weblogging population, proportionately, between the UK and the US? How do you categorise those who maintain that their regularly updated online diary is ‘not a sodding blog’? And how many UK weblogs were updated so long ago as to be now, effectively, dead?

Anyway, Tom suggests that UK bloggers might like to register themselves with one or more weblog portals. Even if doing this may not directly answer his question, it’s still worthwhile to commit random acts of registration, even if only because you never know who might click on your link.

Oh, and as for the Guardian awards, I’d love to see diamondgeezer win. Hope he entered in the end.

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