Hold the front page (up a little bit higher)

“Swansea gets tallest building – pic” screamed the local paper hoardings a couple of lunchtimes ago. Exciting news this, I thought. I work in an area of Swansea that’s currently being redeveloped, so it looked quite likely that soon I could be working next to the tallest building in Wales, at least, and possibly even in the whole of the UK. And what’s more, the Evening Post had a “pic” of it. Woo.

So I read the front page and find that it was indeed as claimed. There’s a building to be built that’ll be taller than any other in the whole of… er… the city.

“Swansea gets tallest building in Swansea”. Hmm. Not quite so catchy.

2 thoughts on “Hold the front page (up a little bit higher)

  1. I predict that the tower will get so far, but then the project will be thrown into confusion as the workers will be unable to understand each other’s languages.

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