Back to the roots

Seeing, about a month or so ago, the amazing adventures of two men who travelled the globe persuading people to wear balloon hats, and then took their photos, reminded me of something my brother-in-law did, on a smaller scale, around this time last year.

Said brother-in-law was down over the New Year, and so I asked whether I could put his work on the web, and he said I could. Presenting, then, hopefully self-explanatorily:

Joe Martin’s Leek Tour of Nottingham. (Tell your friends).

And to pre-empt your questions: a) why not? b) it was going to be a marrow, but he couldn’t find any, and c) yes, there is one in every photo. Probably.

4 thoughts on “Back to the roots

  1. A leek in the second photgraph? I am sure you are bluffing. Why would you do this to us? WHY???!!!!

  2. That brings back memories. I was puzzled by the fair/market in Slab Square. Was that connected to the music/arts festival in the summer, or have they moved Goose Fair?

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